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Products and Pricing
Includes Installation Gaskets
DescriptionApplicationPrice + Core Deposit
12A Rotary 1978-80 RX7 Call
12A Rotary 1980 RX7 with EGR Call
12A Rotary 1981-82 RX7, stick shift Call
12A Rotary 1981-82 RX7, automatic Call
12A Rotary 1983-85 RX7 Call
13B Rotary 1984-85 RX7 GSL-SE Call
13B Rotary 1986-88 RX7 non-turbo Call
13B Rotary 1987-88 RX7 turbo model* Call
13B Rotary 1989-92 RX7 non-turbo Call
13B Rotary 1989-92 RX7 turbo model* Call
13B Rotary 1993-96 RX7, stickshift * Call
13B Rotary 1993-96 RX7, automatic * Call
*All Turbo Engines upgraded to 3mm Apex Seals

Performance Modifications Available
Increase horsepower with internal engine porting
and polishing modifications. Engine porting increases
capable fuel induction and reduces internal
restriction. All porting includes enlargement and
polishing of intake and exhaust ports.
DescriptionHorsepower IncreasePrice
Stage 1 Street Porting10-15% increase in Horsepower Call
Stage 2 Street Porting15-20% increase in Horsepower Call
Other Products & Services
Installation of Resurfaced FlywheelFlywheel is held on by a 54mm Gland Nut
Very difficult to remove without proper tool
3mm Apex SealsNewly Designed 3mm Apex Seal (Longer Lasting)* Call
Core Refund Policy
Core deposits refunds are as follows:
Evaluation of 12 main components divided on an equal percentage.
The components are: 2 Rotor Housings, 3 Cast Irons, 1 Shaft,
2 Rotors, 2 Stationary Gears, 1 Oil Pump and 1 Front Cover.
Please note that the old engine core must not
have previously disassembled.

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